Lustrum Opening Prom

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Lustrum XI
Lustrum Committee
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3 Oct 2022 22:00 - 4 Oct 2022 02:00

Opening Prom!

Dear member,

Are you ready to party? If not, you better get ready because on Monday the 3rd of October we will have one. The festivities start at 22:00 h and end at 2:00 h, four hours later.
In the prestigious News Café you will be able to showcase your most impressive prom outfits, provided they fit the theme "Radical" (still be formal though). 
Ticketwise there are two options, the alcohol-free or the drunkards-package. The alcohol free option will cost €12,50 and gives you access to free soda throughout the party, the drunkards-package costs €25,- and gives you access to unlimited soda, beer, wine and Dutch distilled!

Of course if you are one of the select passe-partout holders, this party is free to join (make sure to sign up anyway).

"It's going to be great" - Ivar Jansen

We hope to see many of you there!


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