Sustainability Week

About this event

Board 2019 - 2020
Feb 24, 2020
Feb 28, 2020

During the last years the world has become aware of the environmental problems its development is causing. Significantly, some of these problems are now affecting the entire Earth. There are many things we can do to become more sustainable. During this week, we will try to increase the awareness to our members regarding sustainability. Besides, we will also try to decrease the footprint of De Chemische Binding as much as possible. There are several things organized in order to achieve this:

1. A lecture is organized by Katja Loos in which she will focus on sustainability and her research. 

2. All disposable cups will be removed from the members' lounge; a discount will be given on the CB mugs & there are 'borrow mugs'  from the BBD so that you can still enjoy your free coffee ;)

3. Fruit (which will be bought at the market) will be sold in the members' lounge.

4. Healthy snacks will be available at the social drink. 

5. The heating in the members' lounge and board room will be turned off, so don't forget to bring your sweater! 

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