The Chemistry of Collaboration: A World to Live in


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Symposium Committee
Date and time
Oct 11, 2018 09:00 - 17:00
SB 5431.0053 (Smitsborg)

Symposium 2018 ‘The Chemistry of Collaboration: A World to Live in’

This year's symposium 'The Chemistry of Collaboration: A World to Live in' will take place on Thursday 11th of October 2018. Location and more details will follow soon!

Chairman of the Day:

  • Prof. Wesley R. Browne

    • Associate Professor at the University of Groningen

    • Chair of Molecular Inorganic Chemistry


  • Prof. dr. Moniek Tromp (Stratingh Speaker)

    • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / University of Groningen

    • Sustainable materials

  • Prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe

    • Ghent University \ Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    • Biomaterials & tissue engineering

  • Prof. Jonathan Nitschke

    • University of Cambridge

    • Inorganic materials Chemistry & Supramolecular Chemistry

  • Dr. Oliver Thorn-Seshold

    • Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

    • Photopharmacology (cancer Therapy)

  • Dr. ir. Diego Wever

    • Shell

    • Polymer chemistry (polymer flooding)


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