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Symposium Committee
Date and time
Oct 17, 2019 09:00 - 17:00
Bernoulliborg 5161.0105

Dear members,

The date of the symposium is approaching! Our theme for this year is ‘A Chemical Journey’! With this theme we intend to showcase some of the career options you could have once you graduate. For this purpose, we have invited the following speakers:

  • Prof. dr. Max von Delius – researcher at the University of Ulm. Specialises in dynamic covalent chemistry
  • Dr. Gabriella Pizzuti – Head of Research and Development at Alcami Corporation. Former PhD student in the Feringa group at the RUG
  • Dr. Arno Hazekamp – founder of Hazekamp Herbal Consultancy, a company that specialises in contract work related to cannabis and medicinal chemistry
  • Dr. Jeffrey Buter – Postdoc at our university. Veni grant recipient. Works at the interface of chemistry and immunology 
  • Prof. dr. Marleen Kamperman – researcher at our very own RUG. Works in the field of biomimetics, developing materials that imitate nature, such as gecko feet adhesives

Our chairman of the day will be prof. dr. Kees Hummelen, chairman of the Chemistry of (Bio-)Molecular Materials and Devices group.

The symposium is scheduled for the whole day on Thursday, the 17th of October in hall BB5161.0105. The ticket costs are free for members and 5€ for non-members. More information can be found here

We hope to see you all there!

-The Symposium committee 2019

Information regarding non-members that want to join:

If you are not a member of De Chemische Binding, but do want to join the symposium you are more than welcome to do so! Please send an email to

Information regarding students following the course Practical Synthesis 2:
We have great news! You are allowed to attend the symposium on the following conditions:

  • You are required to notify your assistant and Niek Eisink about your attendance of the symposium
  • You are required to finish your practical work before you leave (no experiments running while you're attending the symposium)


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