Groningen in March

Even though it’s still cold and miserable here in Groningen, in March there are tons of fun activities to get you up and about! Whether you’re into culture, music or something completely different there is sure to be something for you this month. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration!


At the Groninger Museum there are several exhibitions that will still be there in March. Two somewhat related exhibitions are ‘Romanticism in the North’ and ‘Romanticism today,’ but there are also exhibitions on Asian porcelain and Delft pottery (which stays until the 24th of March), and Albarta ten Oever (one of the few female 18th-century artists in Groningen) as well as the 500 years of Reformation exhibition and the Collection of the Groninger Museum. Don’t forget that these are all completely free for students! To see more check out their website. You can also opt for a guided tour with drinks and snacks.

You can of course also check out the other museums in Groningen – for example the Christmas Flood of 1717 exhibition in the Noorderlijk Scheepvaart Museum – but if you’re a true Dutchie and don’t want to spend any money the Groninger Museum is a good bet.

Another free option is the Groninger Forum, where they have activities like film and documentary showings as well as courses and workshops. Examples are a course in programming Lego robots and a column-writing workshop. Do note that many of the activities are intended for a younger audience, though, so bring your little brother or sister along!


There are a multitude of known and unknown acts coming to Groningen this month. Among the more famous names are Chef’Special, Kensington and Kraantje Pappie, all Dutch artists, and Franz Ferdinand from Scotland. If you’re looking for something new you could consider Rosemary & Garlic, or if you want something less relaxing you could also try Nashville-based country singer Will Hoge.

All of these and more can be found on websites like Ticketmaster. If you want to go see any of these bands you should get your tickets soon, as many sell out quickly!


On the 17th of March the annual ‘Night of Groningen’ running event will take place. You can choose for a distance of 5km, 10km, 16.1km (10 miles) or 21.1km (a half marathon) – not for the faint hearted! The running will start in groups from 9pm onwards and the participants have until 11:40pm to finish. You can also choose to raise money for charity – last year this was for the Dutch Cystic Fibrosis Association (NCFS) and a total of €2882.50 was raised. If you’d like to sign up check out the website of ‘Nacht van Groningen.’

From the 8th to the 14th of March the North Netherlands Theater (NNT) with Club Guy & Roni and Asko|Schönberg will come to the Sadsschouwburg in Groningen to tell the story of Abraham. Here, great religious and social conflicts will be made into human stories. For more information visit the NNT website.

On the weekend of 23 to 25 March is the North Netherlands Whisky festival in the Aa-Kerk. During these days a mix of whisky experts and total beginners will walk through the church for tastings and mini lectures about this fantastic drink. If you would like to more you can head to the Whisky Festival Noord Nederland (WFSS) website.

Last but definitely not least is the annual Flower Market. On the last Friday before Easter, 30 March, the inner city will be transformed into the biggest flower and plant market in the North of the country.  There will be over a hundred different stalls on the Oude Ebbingestraat, Grote Markt, Waagplein, Vismarkt and Aa-Kerkhof. You can even participate in some activities!

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