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Chemport Europe

Do you have to leave the North to find a job? Absolutely not! There are many possibilities, especially in the field of green chemistry.

Chemport Europe is collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and government, with a clear, common goal: to achieve a sustainable, CO2-neutral chemical industry, and to maintain and expand business activities. Chemport unites parties that are committed to green chemistry in the North and supports them in their growth.

Focus areas

Organisations in the Chemport region are working hard to improve processes towards CO2 neutral, circular and sustainable. The main focus:

  • Circular polymers (chemical recycling, the use of recycled polymers, chain integration)
  • Biomass (e.g. using sugars as feedstock for various chemicals)
  • CO2 as feedstock
  • H2 as feedstock

The floor is yours!

In this ecosystem, there are numerous companies that you can join in order to make a green impact on the world.

Chemical Cluster Delfzijl

The Chemical Cluster Delfzijl is a unique cooperation between companies that exchange raw materials, share supplies, and a common attention for safety, quality people and the environment.

Chemical Cluster Emmen

The site has excellent facilities for companies in the fibers, polymers and composites markets, as well as recycling. It is the largest of its kind in the North of Europe.

Companies in Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland

Have a look at the Chemport website, to see what is going on in the North.

And browse through the list of companies.

Do you need help from us to get in touch with one these companies? Feel free to contact us.

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