Kisuma Chemicals BV

Kisuma Chemicals BV

Kisuma Chemicals manufactures synthetic magnesium compounds in Veendam, the Netherlands. Our Hydrotalcite (layered double hydroxides ) and Magnesium Hydroxide products are used by polymer production and processing industries around the world.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Chemical Industry (Kagawa prefecture, Japan), the first company to industrially synthesize hydrotalcites in 1966. In the years that followed, continuous research and product development has ensured that the quality and expertise of Kyowa Chemical Industry and its subsidiaries are still unrivalled in the market today. As a group company, we are the leading producers of synthetic hydrotalcites and specialty magnesium materials in the world.

The Research and Development department of Kisuma Chemicals is constantly on the look-out for opportunities to develop new applications for our current products and for the new products we are developing. Today, the majority of the synthetic hydrotalcites produced in our factory find their way into plastic applications, such as PVC and Polyolefins. However, our materials have properties that are interesting for a much wider range of applications. There is an extremely large amount of scientific publications available, especially involving hydrotalcites and layered double hydroxides in general, describing the advantages of these products in fields where they have not yet found commercial application, including:

•           Catalysts and Catalyst Supports

•           Controlled release of active species, e.g. for anti-corrosion.

•           Sorbents, e.g. of CO2

•           Stabilizers in Bioplastics

•           Encapsulation

We are technically and commercially interested in all developments with our materials. Our R&D strategy is strongly based on cooperation with other industrial and scientific partners.

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