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Almanac Committee
Jan 22, 2020
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Dear members,

The Almanac committee is selling out! 

For the low low price of just 2 euros you can buy a footnote to be placed in the 2019-2020 Almanac. Buy quick, because there are only 75 available!


How does it work?

You can subscribe to the event and place the footnote you want to place in the comment to your subscription. If you want to, you can also tell us where you hope it to be placed, and we will try to make that happen.If you want multiple footnotes please select introducee while subscribing. 


Some rules do apply:

1. The footnotes have to be 20 words or less

2. There can be only one footnote for each page of the Almanac and some articles will not have any footnotes.

3. You can specify where you want the footnote to be placed, if that spot is not available we place it somewhere else.

4. The almanac committee can change your footnotes slightly if they are too inappropriate.


We look forward to your super funny and clever footnotes!

XoXo, Almanac 'Vo


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