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Sport Committee
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Dec 11, 2021 14:00 - 16:30

Dear members,

Welcome to round 2 of your gladiator training. You must now hone your ice-skating skills and prove yourself a worthy contestant. Prepare your skates, dress warm and join us, as Spoco presents its 2nd event of the year, indoor ice skating. If it’s your first-time ice skating, don’t be afraid, the emperor’s court will guide you. 

If you would like to rent skates the total price will be €9 or €4 if you bring your skates. Please mention your shoe size in the comment box when subscribed. The event will be held at Sportcentrum Kardinge (Kardingerplein 1) at 14:00.

The subscription period ends on 8th December. Subscribe now, as the emperor demands perfect attendance. 

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