TripCie ski trip 2024

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Trip Committee
2 - 11 Feb 2024
La Plagne

There is a waitlist, so if you would still like to join us, please sign up, there is potential to take another 5 people with us! Please sign up before December 15th

Dear full senders of De Chemische Binding,

With the days getting shorter, but for some reason not getting much colder (thank you climate change), TripCie would like to escape to the cold with all of our winter sport-loving friends for the third biennial winter sport trip! This year we will be going to La Plagne, with a magical theme of Harry Powder and the Chamber of Skicrets! So put on your boots and join us on the adventure!

You don't need to have any ski/ snowboarding experience to join. 

If you want to watch our fantastic announcement video, you can find it here:

Please note that the deadline for subscribing is November 10th. Once you have subscribed, you can no longer cancel. 

We look forward to the apres ski with you!

Stay frosty and carve on!

TripCie xxx


Some FAQ:

Q: When are we going?

A: 02-02-2024 - 11-02-2024

Q: How much will the trip cost?

A: 605 euros (this includes travel, accommodation and ski pass)

Q: I am a first year, can I also join?

A: Sadly as there is a thing called BSA we can’t take you with us :(

Q: Where are we going?

A: La Plagne


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